Borax And Boric Acid For Borer Control

You must control the pests in your home. If you do not do that then there would be issues for sure. Borers are quite common in places where there is timber. Also, you need to check out the leading solutions that will help you to control the different species of borers. There is a belief that for borer control you can use different measures such as boric acid and borax. It would be vital to know how far these are.

Borer Control

Using boric acid as an insecticide for borar control

There is no official research on this, but you can use the boric acid as an insecticide for a long time. People use the same for getting rid of wood borers. However, they might not be a hundred percent effective. All you need to do is try the boric acid solutions. You should check where the borers are. In most cases, wood borers would be in the bark of the tree or the furniture timber. You can drill a small hole in the thing at the infestation area and start sprinkling boric acid in that. This method will surely damage all the larvae. It will also affect the small borers. The big borers will not have too much effect on boric acid. For them, they use a pest control solution and this will work well for sure.

Borax as an insecticide for controlling borers

Borax is a chemical that is generally used in soaps, laundry products, and fertilizer. If you are planning to use this for home pest control then you can give it a try. Borax mainly affects the metabolism of insects and this will kill them. If you use borax for borer control then it will bring in some effective results. This is because of the element called boron. However, if you are looking forward to getting the best solutions then you should use a special insecticide used for the same.

Get ahead with the professional pest control methods

You must take the relevant measures that will work wonders. Calling a reliable pest control company will help you to get rid of the borers. There are many different types of borers as seen. Make sure that you rely on the expertise of the company that will guide you towards taking up the right solutions. Proper inspection and then the relevant ideas to control the borers will work well.


Apart from borers, boric acid and borax are supposed to work over other small insects like bugs, beetles, and termites too. However, these remedies may not bring in cent percent results. So, find a company that will give you the best guidance for controlling insects and pests. This will bring in better results for sure. Be open to trying the avenues that are tested and have the result orientation. This will help you in making the infestation fine and there will be no pests in your home. So, hire the best services now. Book your booking today and get the best services.